By Elise Cooper | January 14, 2021

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Alaska Mountain Rescue (K-9 Alaska Novel Ebook 2)

Elizabeth Heiter

Harlequin Intrique Pub

Dec 29th, 2020

Alaska Mountain Rescue by Elizabeth Heiter is an participating passionate suspense novel.  What would make these stories stand out is the special bond involving the pet dogs and their proprietors.  Heiter has the uncanny ability to take a reader on a journey through the Alaskan wilderness as aspect of the K-9 group.

The thought for this tale arrived about when “When I was writing K-9 Defense, I understood I required to generate yet another e book and set as the primary protagonist, Alanna’s story.  She is a intriguing character with a intriguing tale.  I offered the initial novel as a single book, but then determined I preferred to make a collection out of it.  I needed to present how, following remaining kidnapped at 5 years of age, her lifetime was impacted.  She has combined feelings about her kidnapper mom.  I required to check out the idea of the pull of enjoy and loyalty compared to performing what is correct.” 

The Alaskan location is vibrantly developed and will come to lifetime as a character.  Navigating via the wilderness lets the tale to have quite a few twists and turns. Whilst this is a stand-on your own, viewers may well want to read the first ebook in the series, K-9 Defense, to understand how Alanna Morgan’s daily life modified upside down at the age of 5.  She was kidnapped alongside with other youngsters, where the kidnappers fashioned a “family.” The kidnappers were being her mom and dad and the other kidnappees were her siblings.  They moved to Alaska to preserve the family members isolated.  The initially guide has Alanna’s organic sister looking and getting her, reuniting her with her authentic family.  

I selected Alaska since of its volatile nature.  In the mountains there is the possible of avalanches and for individuals to be snowed in right until spring.  There are usually the prospective threats from the elements.  I consider the environment echoes what is taking place in Alanna’s existence. She felt isolated and that her lifestyle was in threat. There is emptiness, coldness, isolation, and can be volatile, just like Alanna felt. The remote element enables persons to vanish.”

Now five a long time later on, the kidnapped mom, Darcy, has escaped from jail and is heading back again to Alaska.  She is turning back again to outdated means, kidnapping young children, to sort a make-shift family. Alanna is on a collision class with the woman who stole her childhood, given that she cannot let other helpless victims be abducted. Along with her treatment pet dog, Prospect, a St. Bernard, she travels to Desparre Alaska to come across Darcy. But her options are interrupted when Peter Robak, a rookie law enforcement officer, decides her motives are not what she purports them to be and are divided. Battling his personal demons, which include trying to defeat a listening to handicap, he reluctantly joins forces with Alanna to locate her “mother.” The marriage builds as both equally realize they have typical hardships.

“Because the tale can take position in Alaska throughout a winter year, I preferred a “snow” dog.  A St. Bernard has a amazing perception of smell, a fantastic feeling of course, and the capability to withstand extreme chilly. They can scent a particular person underneath 20 toes of snow and use their great paws to dig them out, a scene I put in the tale. Once they do, the rescue canines lie on the person to preserve them warm. Obtaining grown up with St. Bernard’s, I can say that they adore the snow and are obviously protective, too. Unfortunately, I do not have a canine now, because I moved into a neighborhood that does not allow for fences.”

This guide has audience on the edge of their seats.  As with her other tales, this one is no various.  They function potent heroines, chilling victims, psychological twists, intertwined with some romance.