Finest Valheim seeds: most effective commencing places

Each and every earth in Valheim is distinctive from a person a further, produced procedurally from a starting off seed. But not all worlds are made equal, as you’ll shortly find. Discover the perfect home for your new adventures with our list of the ideal Valheim seeds we have located, covering every thing from basic safety to danger, from Swamps to Mountains, and a lot far more in addition to.

Best Valheim seeds listing

Like quite a few survival and exploration-based online games, Valheim helps make use of procedural era to build distinct worlds each individual time you start a new activity. The earth is identified by your “seed”, which is a string of characters you can enter when you develop a new planet (if left on your own, the game randomly generates a seed to produce the world with).

Down below you can expect to uncover a variety of diverse Valheim seeds, just about every of which give a totally one of a kind practical experience. No matter whether you’re soon after protection, restricting starting off islands, or risky biomes in quick access, a person of the seeds beneath will fit you properly. To use a seed, just copy the “Seed” textual content of the world you want, and paste it into the seed enter field just underneath your planet identify when making a new world.

Listed here are the most effective Valheim seeds we’ve observed:

Best Valheim seeds CdjvRssbHZ.jpg

Risk-free Starting up Island

Newcomers to Valheim will obtain this fairly harmless starting off seed fairly welcome. A massive Meadows biome provides you a great deal of space to build and take a look at, but with this kind of a huge beginning island you can expect to still come across Swamps, Mountains, and Black Forests with sufficient checking out.

Seed: CdjvRssbHZ

Lake & Black Forest

Beginning your journey next to a gigantic lake is a attractive way to get started, and you may also come across a lot of creating space near spawn with this Valheim seed. But it is not all idyllic. The seed also delivers you with a forbidding Mountain to the south, along with a gigantic Black Forest biome to get shed inside.

Seed: p3k4p6xiXi

Twin Mountains

This Valheim seed is one particular of the greatest I’ve viewed for PvP potential. Two islands dominate the centre of the map, and each and every island is dominated by a gigantic snow-capped Mountain. Imagine what it’d be like to have two mountain-primarily based groups warring in opposition to 1 one more on this tough seed.

Seed: nDB9WybzUw

Best Valheim seeds 7ntWpe5Pva.jpg

Southern Swamp

The starting up island of this seed is pockmarked by a few huge lakes, offering the complete island a winding, snake-like look on the map. Discover south for a when and you can hit the large Swamp place that is taken over the bottom of the island, and the Mountain that overlooks it.

Seed: 7ntWpe5Pva

Abide by The Path North

I suggest you do just what the title states with this seed: abide by the route north. This island winds its way upwards and prospects you to a stunning triple-combo of Plains, Mountains, and Swamps ripe for the conquering.


Large Winding Island

One more significantly winding and snaking island will become your property if you decide on this beginning seed. You may start appropriate following to the coast and a river, for uncomplicated accessibility to Flint – and not too much away in any direction you can find lots of Mountains, not to point out Swampland and Plains bordering just one a different to the south.

Seed: PDM3hl3hpk

Best Valheim seeds klW6PHmPNj.jpg

Significant Swamp & Plains

Cross the two rivers to the north and then maintain heading, and you will come upon a huge Swamp biome, threatening to be swallowed by an even greater Plains biome. If you can brave these risky lands, the benefits will be properly really worth it.

Seed: klW6PHmPNj

Giant Mountain Array

This Valheim seed generates a surprisingly linear island that stabs down to the south-east. Pursuing the island down you can discover a gigantic mountain variety that spans almost 50 % the island, towering above close by Swampland.

Seed: Q608EC4NSs

Large Swamp

Speaking of swamps, this seed provides you early accessibility to a colossal expanse of swamp for all your Iron-mining desires. But it also presents you a big Meadows biome so you can get the job done your way up to tackling the Swamp in relative peace.

Seed: nkkFzfrNPu

Restricted Starting up Island

This seed plonks you down on a relatively smaller commencing island, with just Meadow, Black Forest, and Mountains to maintain you enterprise. You are going to be pressured to embrace the Viking strategies and sail the open seas if you want to uncover the rarer biomes.

Seed: PzkpnLVXq2

That’s as superior a position as any to wrap up this Valheim seeds list. While you might be right here, you may possibly want to master extra about what every single globe has to offer by consulting our Valheim map and biomes guideline.