Here’s everything with Amazon Alexa revealed at CES 2021

This year’s CES has been a very different one, but one aspect has stayed consistent: there’s are a lot of new products with Alexa. Amazon’s assistant shows no signs of stopping, as plenty of new smart home devices include support for Alexa, and some of them even have the assistant built-in.

Now it’s time for one of our yearly traditions: rounding up every new product with Alexa that was revealed at CES! This list is no particular order.

C by GE/Cync

General Electric has already produced a few smart home products under its ‘C by GE’ brand, including light bulbs that pair directly to the Google Home app. GE’s smart home division was sold off to Savant Systems last year, and at CES, Savant is revealing the new brand name and a few new products.

C by GE is now ‘Cync,’ and at CES, the brand revealed a new Outdoor Smart Plug with two outlets in a weather-resistant box. It connects over Bluetooth to a hub, and supports both Alexa and Google Assistant. Outdoor smart plugs are nothing new, but more options never hurt anybody. The outdoor plug will launch in March.

Cync Indoor Camera

Cync is also releasing an Indoor Camera in May, which has the unique distinction of having a privacy shutter. It has a microSD card slot for local recording, and there’s an optional subscription service for backing up footage to the cloud. Cync’s announcement didn’t explicitly state if the camera will connect through Assistant and Alexa, but it seems likely.

Finally, the Fan Speed Smart Switch has a planned release date of June. It replaces a standard fan wall switch, and will supposedly work without the need for a connected hub. You’ll be able to control the attached fan through the physical button or the Cync app, and it’s likely that Alexa/Assistant will also be supported.


Android Police coverage: JBL reveals Charge 5, true wireless ANC buds, Chromecast soundbar, and much (much) more

Harman’s sub-brand, JBL, announced a lot of stuff at CES. We covered all of the new headphones, speakers, and soundbars in the above-linked post, but not all of them have Google Assistant. The JBL Tour One over-ear headphones support both Alexa and Google Assistant, with up to 50 hours of battery life (or 25 with ANC on), four microphones, USB Type-C charging, automatic play/pause, and customizable audio levels with the JBL Headphones app. It will cost $299.95 when it comes out on May 30th.

Left: JBL Tour Pro+Right: JBL Tour One.

There’s also the JBL Tour Pro+ true wireless earbuds, which are compatible with both Alexa and Assistant. They have up to to 8 hours of battery life (or 6 with ANC on), 6.8mm dynamic drivers, IPX4 sweat resistance, and touch controls. They will cost $199.95 when they arrive on May 30th.

If the Tour series is too much money for you, JBL also announced four new products in its ‘Live’ lineup. There are two over-ear headphones, the $199.95 Live 660NC and $129.95 Live 460NC, which both offer up to 50 hours of playback and Alexa/Assistant support. The only difference is that the 660 has “adaptive” noise cancellation, while the 460 does not. There’s also the truly-wireless $179.99 Live Pro+ and $149.95 Live Free NC+ earbuds, which offer Type-C charging, up to 7 hours of battery life, and Google Fast Pair support.

Left: JBL Live Pro+Middle: JBL Live 660NC. Right: JBL Live 460NC.

JBL also revealed another pair of true wireless earbuds, the Reflect Mini NC TWS (great name, y’all). They’re designed for workout and outdoor use, with IPX7 water protection, ANC support, up to 7 hours of playback, and Google Fast Pair support. They work with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Finally, the JBL Bar 5.0 MultiBeam soundbar was announced, which has four passive radiators (but no sub-woofer) and support for Virtual Dolby Atmos. It works with multi-room Alexa music groups, Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and Bluetooth. It will be available this spring for $399.95.


I’m not sure anyone has ever said the sentence “I really need a scent diffuser that connects to my phone,” but that’s exactly what Aromeo announced at CES. The Aromeo Sense combines scents, lights, and music (the latter played through a connected device) to supposedly make you calmer.

Aromeo company wrote, “the aromatherapy works through a diffuser body that provides waterless diffusion of 3 natural fragrance pods made from botanical and non-toxic ingredients. Its colored light therapy is from a 40-LED light ring around the diffuser.” The Aromeo diffuser will work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.


Samsung had a lot to share during CES, from internet-connected robots to new ways to repurpose older Galaxy smartphones. The company also revealed a new 2021 soundbar lineup, which includes models that support Alexa.

The flagship model will support 11.1.4-channel audio with Dolby Atmos, and some of them have special integration with Q-series Samsung smart TVs. Pricing or availability for any of the coming soundbars is unavailable right now.


Android Police coverage: Sony’s new premium speaker looks like a giant electric razor

Sony announced two new home speakers during CES, the SRS-RA5000 and SRS-RA3000. The most interesting (from a design perspective, anyway) is the RA5000, which looks a bit like an electric razor. Its three up-firing speakers supposedly help music spread, with three additional middle-positioned speakers and a subwoofer for bass.

Sony SRS-RA5000

Both the RA5000 and RA3000 are compatible with Chromecast and Alexa multi-room audio. The SRS-RA5000 will cost £500/€599 when it launches in February, and the SRS-RA3000 will arrive the same month for £280/€359.


Android Police coverage: Arlo joins the hands-free revolution with its own touchless video doorbell

All of Arolo’s products are compatible with the Alexa voice assistant, and the company revealed something new at CES: a doorbell without an actual bell. The Arlo Touchless Video Doorbell uses proximity sensors to detect a person approaching the door, and activates a chime and light to signal to inform the visitor that you ‘rang’.

Arlo also revealed a new Arlo Essential Indoor Camera, featuring a privacy mode that can automatically turn off motion, video, and audio detection at certain times (e.g., when everyone is home). Pricing and availability for both products hasn’t been made public yet.


Android Police coverage: Roborock S7 robot vacuum announced with 2500Pa suction power and improved mopping

Roborock has produced more than a few popular smart robot vacuums, like the Roborock S6 we gave an 8/10 in our review last year. The company announced its new Roborock S7 vacuum at CES with an all-new combination of sonic mopping (50Hz vibration up to 3,000 times per minute) and an intelligent mop lift feature.

Roborock is developing a self-emptying dock that will be compatible with many of its vacuums, starting with the Roborock S7. The vacuum will go on sale on Amazon starting March 24th, and it will work with both Google Assistant and Alexa.


Would it really be a CES without kitchen appliances that connect to the internet? LG revealed a new InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator during CES, with “a larger glass panel for its InstaView Door-in-Door system.” It has voice recognition that is likely powered by Amazon Alexa — the press release didn’t mention Amazon’s assistant by name, but it does connect to the ThinQ cloud service (which supports Alexa voice control).

LG says you’ll be able to say “open the refrigerator door,” or ask the fridge for your agenda or the ice/water filter status. I’ve always wanted to manage my schedule with a refridgerator.


Lockly announced two new smart door locks compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. The Lockly Duo combines a deadbolt and latch into one lock, with both a PIN pad and app/cloud control. There’s also the Lockly Guard, designed for sliding and swing-style doors.

Lockly Guard (left) and Lockly Duo (right)

The Duo will be available in the first quarter of this year for $400, and the Guard will come in Q2 2021 for $500.


Anker-owned smart home company Eufy announced two products at CES that work with both Google Assistant and Alexa. The Eufy L80 robot vacuum will clean your home with the help of laser-guided navigation and 2x2000Pa suction, when it comes to a store near you in June 2021.

Eufy L80 vacuum


Android Police coverage: TP-Link’s latest Kasa smart home gadgets include a previously canceled doorbell

TP-Link already sells dozens of smart home products compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, and now there are even more. There’s the Kasa Smart Doorbell (KD110) with a 1080p feed, microSD local recording, and optional cloud storage. TP-Link also announced a new Kasa Cam Outdoor (KC420WS) with full-color night vision and IP65 water resistance, plus an upgraded Kasa Spot Pan Tilt (KC410S) camera that can capture 2K video.

Left: Kasa Smart Doorbell (KD110); Right: Kasa Cam Outdoor (KC420WS)

There’s also the Motion-Activated Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch (KS220M) that automatically syncs your lights to the time of day, and the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug (KP401) with a built-in power amplifier. The latter is a single-plug version of the outdoor socket that was released in 2019.

Finally, TP-Link announced a Wi-Fi 6E mesh system where the access points double as Alexa smart speakers: the Deco Voice X20. TP-Link didn’t reveal exact pricing or availability for any of the announced products, but all of them should be released this year.

Philips Hue

Android Police coverage: Philips Hue’s new wall switch module fixes one of smart lighting’s oldest problems

Signify revealed a few new smart home products under the Philips Hue brand at CES, which should all be compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. The Philips Hue Amarant linear spotlight adds ambiance to outdoor walls, the Philips Hue Appear outdoor light has an updated stainless steel finish, and the upgraded Philips Hue dimmer switch allows you to control Hue lights without using the app.

Philips Hue wall switch module

The product that received the most attention was the Philips Hue wall switch module, intended to turn existing light switches into smart lights without losing the wall functionality (e.g. the bulb won’t become inaccessible if you turn the physical switch off).

The Philips Hue Amarant will be available starting January 26th in Europe (or March 2nd in North America) for $169.99/€149.99, the wall switch module will arrive in the Spring in Europe (Summer in NA) for $39.95/€39.95, and the dimmer switch is coming January 26th in Europe (Feb. 23rd in NA) for $24.99/€19.95.


Japanese electronics maker Denon announced a new soundbar at CES packed with features, the Denon Sound Bar 550. The company says it can “deliver Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D surround sound from a six-driver array,” and supports HEOS, Apple AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth.

The soundbar also has built-in microphones, and Denon says they will be used for Alexa voice control sometime this Spring.


Sharp entered the weird internet-connected appliance market at CES this year, with the introduction of smart microwaves. The new lineup has Wi-Fi connectivity and Alexa voice compatibility, so you can defrost meat, start/stop the microwave, and set the cook time with your voice.

I’m not sure why you would ever use voice controls here, since you already have to be standing next to your microwave to cook something, but whatever.