Muslims in Michigan cheer Biden’s removal of Muslim travel ban

Muslims and Arab Americans in metro Detroit cheered the repeal of the Muslim travel ban Wednesday by the administration of President Joe Biden, a move they hope will signal a change in how the U.S. government deals with their communities. 

“It’s long overdue,” said Abdulhakem Alsadah, president of the Dearborn-based National Association of Yemeni-Americans and chair of the Yemeni American Civil Rights Coalition.

“We’re excited. Imagine being separated from your family for so along. … It’s been truly tough for us, especially the Yemeni-Americans. This releases us from a lot of agony.”

Biden repealed former President Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban late Wednesday, signing forms in the Oval Office. 

Michigan, which has one of the largest Middle Eastern populations in the U.S. and a growing African immigrant community, was hit especially hard by the administration of the previous president, which had issued orders and made other changes that cracked down on immigration.