No refund for a canceled hotel in Mexico?

No refund for a canceled hotel in Mexico?

Expensive Travel TROUBLESHOOTER: I booked a week at the Senses Riviera Maya by Artisan in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for spring split. The pandemic took place, and we experienced to terminate our trip. I contacted Expedia and it served me get a refund for my flights. But the hotel will not difficulty a refund. An Expedia representative said I ought to get a refund for the lodge, also. But the hotel will not give me my income again.

Christopher Elliott, the Travel Troubleshooter ...
Christopher Elliott, the Vacation Troubleshooter 

Apparently, my brother had reservations at the identical resort. The hotel refunded him. I tried to dispute the costs on my credit score card, but my bank sided with the hotel. Can you support me get my $844 again?

— Bernadette Cieslak, Hamilton, Ohio

Solution: If the hotel refunded your brother, it must also have refunded you. Basically, it really should have refunded any one who had to cancel for the reason that of COVID-19. On the day you had been meant to fly, the State Division issued a “do not travel” advisory, urging Individuals to keep home. You did the suitable thing by canceling.

Most accommodations provided a no-inquiries-questioned refund just after that, but some attempted to continue to keep their customers’ money. At a time like that, you can and need to lean on your journey agent to support. But even Expedia was possessing some difficulty persuading Senses Riviera Maya by Artisan to return your funds.

Why did the hotel refund your brother but not you? The response could lie in its present-day refund coverage. It provides the skill to terminate on sure (much more pricey) premiums but not on all of them. It’s doable that your brother experienced booked a distinct rate, which the resort viewed as refundable. I like your notion of a credit score card dispute and am sorry that didn’t operate. A credit card dispute is generally the previous resort for obtaining a refund. I’d say you ended up there. (By the way, I imagine it is time for you to come across a new credit rating card. Your bank is undoubtedly not on your aspect.)