Relocation program sees incomes soar

A farmer harvests herbs used in standard Chinese drugs at a cultivation base in Tanchang county, Longnan city, Gansu province, in September. (MA XIPING/XINHUA)

In spite of going to the city, residents are seeing their old residences turn into money-spinners. Hou Liqiang experiences from Tanchang, Gansu.

As the minibus arduously climbed a steep, zigzagging highway, the engine often emitted roars and groans. The bends had been so sharp that in some cases the driver had to prevent and reverse a very little to guarantee safe and sound passage.

Even with all the home windows tightly shut, the scent of sizzling rubber penetrated the auto sometimes, indicating the friction of the tires on the ground as the bus climbed the sloping cement highway.

Welcome to Shanbei and Luowan, neighboring villages found midway up a rocky mountainside in Tanchang county, Gansu province. As the passengers marveled at the steep highway right after just about 20 minutes of a faltering journey from the foot of the mountain, what came into sight up coming created them exclaim loudly.

“The mountain is rocky and shrouded by clouds. The farmland is minimal and just about every plot is only huge enough to accommodate a cow lying down,” as a local indicating goes. With a dazzling sun, the clouds were being absent, but the withered crops created the rocks stand out much more and the small plots of farmland appeared even far more desolate.

For many years, probably even generations, the severe problems in the villages remaining the locals plagued by poverty.

Now, however, the settlements are a reflection of how the government has worked to carry people today out of poverty in locations where all-natural disorders can barely aid them.

Subsequent relocation and industrial progress steps, most individuals in the villages have left poverty driving as China strides toward creating a reasonably affluent culture in all respects by future year.