SiteMinder’s Customer Focus Gains Hotelier Votes At The 2021 HotelTechAwards

SiteMinder’s Customer Focus Gains Hotelier Votes At The 2021 HotelTechAwards

An unrelenting focus on customers over the past year has gained SiteMinder, the global hotel industry’s leading guest acquisition platform, the endorsement of hoteliers at the 2021 HotelTechAwards. The company climbed from third to second place in the Hoteliers Choice Awards, which recognize the most customer-centric global companies, having secured more votes than in any other year, across multiple categories that attest to the breadth of SiteMinder’s platform.

SiteMinder retained its top position in the category of Best Channel Manager for the second consecutive year and emerged among the top three in the category of Best Booking Engine, which has been critical to hoteliers increasing their direct bookings through the COVID-19 period. SiteMinder also secured the second-top position in the Best Rate Shopping & Market Intelligence category and ranked among the top 10 Best Places to Work.

The HotelTechAwards selects winners from more than 200 of the world’s top hotel technology products. Founded by Hotel Tech Report, it is the hotel industry’s only data-driven awards program, with winners determined by the reviews of thousands of verified hotel technology users across more than 120 countries.

“Winning a HotelTechAward is the highest achievement in the industry because it’s based on real data. Hoteliers trust this award when making purchase decisions because scoring is transparent and participation is ubiquitous amongst the most reputable vendors in the industry,” says Jordan Hollander, CEO of Hotel Tech Report.

“We are so grateful. From the earliest months of 2020, every decision and investment that we made was specifically to benefit the hotels we serve, and we are thankful that those choices have clearly played a strong role in the lives of our customers during such a critical year. From distribution to direct bookings, market intelligence and importantly real-time, local support, we are pleased that our platform solutions have helped our customers in so many ways. I am excited about what we will be bringing to them in 2021,” says Sankar Narayan, CEO at SiteMinder.

Veronika Volovik, Director of Digital Marketing at South Beach Group Hotels, is a long-time customer of SiteMinder. Says Veronika, “The South Beach Group was one of the first US hotels to join SiteMinder and, years later, we are very happy with that choice. It’s an excellent platform for hotels that need fast and efficient rates and restrictions management, solid reporting, and an eager and knowledgeable customer support team.”

To Debbie Donaldson, Distribution Systems Manager at Millennium Hotels and Resorts in Auckland, New Zealand, it is SiteMinder’s ability to stay close to what hoteliers really need that has proven most valuable.

“I have used SiteMinder since its inception and what I love most is the company’s willingness to continually adapt to the changing needs of hotels. It’s technology that truly caters to a wide range of users, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

More than 300,000 hotel industry professionals visited Hotel Tech Report during the awards period to contribute more than 10,000 new, verified product reviews that will help more than 100,000 of their peers to make informed purchasing decisions each month.

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