Synchronic Cast & Character Guide

Anthony Mackie headlines the 2020 movie Synchronic, and co-stars alongside the popular Irish actor Jamie Dornan. Here’s how you know the main cast.

Anthony Mackie headlines the Synchronic cast and co-stars alongside the popular Irish actor Jamie Dornan. Directed by the acclaimed indie filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, Synchronic is set in New Orleans and follows a terminally-ill paramedic who uses a synthetic drug to time travel.

In Synchronic, Steve Denube (Mackie) learns that he’ll likely die from a brain tumor in the near future. He hides the truth from his EMT colleague Dennis Dannelly (Dornan), whose daughter Brianna disappears after taking a synthetic drug known as Synchronic. Steve researches the “fake ayahuasca” and discovers that it can literally transport users through time if their pineal gland hasn’t calcified. Since Mackie’s character has an especially unique endocrine gland that’s comparable to a teenager, he’s able to consume Synchronic and investigate Brianna’s whereabouts, all the while documenting his research experiments through home videos.

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The 2020 movie Synchronic is anchored by Mackie and Dornan, with Ally Ioannides and Katie Aselton co-starring in the primary supporting roles. Various bit players show up throughout the 96-minute film, which includes numerous paranoid characters who threaten to interrupt Steve’s time-traveling investigation. Here’s a cast and character to guide to help you identify all of the main players in Synchronic.

Anthony Mackie As Steve Denube


Anthony Mackie stars as Steve Denube, a terminally-ill and drug-addicted paramedic who uses Synchronic to investigate the disappearance of his partner’s daughter. Mackie is best known for starring as Sam Wilson/Falcon in the MCU. He headlined the 2009 film The Hurt Locker as Sergeant JT Sanborn and portrayed Takeshi Kovacs in the Netflix show Altered Carbon. Fans of Black Mirror may know Mackie as Danny from the season 5 episode “Striking Vipers.”

Jamie Dornan As Dennis Dannelly

Jamie Dornan as Dennis Dannelly in Synchronic

Jamie Dornan co-stars as Dennis Dannelly, Steve’s partner who worries about him becoming a junkie paramedic cliché. He’s also stressed about his perceived inadequacies as a husband. Dornan starred as serial killer Paul Spector in The Fall and Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. He also voiced Chaz in Trolls World Tour and appeared as Edgar Pagét in Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar.

Ally Ioannides As Brianna Dannelly

Ally Ioannides as Brianna Dannelly in Synchronic

Ally Ioannides portrays Brianna Dannelly, Jamie’s 18-year-old daughter who attends Tulane University. She disappears after consuming a Synchronic pill. Ioannides portrayed Dylan Jones in Parenthood and Tilda in Into the Badlands. She also appeared as Cassie Lenue in Elementary.

Synchronic’s Supporting Cast & Characters

Katie Aselton as Tara Dannelly in Synchronic

Katie Aselton (above) as Tara Dannelly: Dennis’ wife who puts up with his mood swings. Katie Aselton portrayed Amy Haller in Legion and Alicia in Bombshell. She also appeared as Susan in the 2020 sci-fi movie She Dies Tomorrow.

Carl Palmer as Office Jacobs: A brash New Orleans cop who investigates various crimes scenes early in the movie. Carl Palmer portrayed Burt Fisher in Bloodline and Townes Dockerty in Filthy Rich.

Martin Bats Bradford as Animal Bob: A paramedic with exceptional knowledge about snakes. Martin Bats Bradford portrayed Ross P. in NCIS: New Orleans and Jacob/Blue Host in Venom. He also appeared as Heath Hofstadter in The Outsider.

Lawrence Turner as Joe: A KKK member from the past who charges Steve and keeps him stuck in time. Lawrence Turner portrayed Larry in Dallas Buyers Club and Foreman in True Detective season 3.

Sam Malone as Doctor: A medical professional who informs Steve about the specifics of his pineal gland tumor. Sam Malone portrayed Lamar in True Detective season 1 and Andre in 24: Legacy.

Ramiz Monsef as Dr. Kermani: A chemist who created Synchronic and later breaks into Steve’s home. Ramiz Monsef portrayed Mas in Shameless season 10 and Dr. Patel in Young Sheldon season 4.

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