Voices of Faith Debbie Saxe youthful poet Amanda Gorman provides

Rev. Debbie Saxe

National youth poet laureate Amanda Gorman recites her inaugural poem, "The Hill We Climb," during the 59th Presidential Inauguration in Washington.

In the standard church calendar, we keep on to be in a year named Epiphany.  It is a period of light-weight which narrates the journey of Jesus’s earthly ministry, even so brief it was. 

Rev. Debbie Saxe

At these a young age he was a prophetic witness and a radical subversive who identified as out programs of oppression and challenged our way of remaining in the globe. In a lot of methods it is a ponder he lived as long as he did, which is potentially why Scripture so usually cites him making ready his disciples for the time when they would have to have to carry on the operate themselves. 

In truth, on the remaining week of Epiphany we will communicate about what is known as the “transfiguration.” The mountain top expertise in which the disciples have their epiphany, their “a-ha” instant to last but not least understand all that Jesus signifies. Peter desires to stay there, build a temple on this revelation, but Jesus reminds him that we do not reside on mountaintop encounters alone. There is perform to do again in the valley.