2021 NBA 3-Point Contest: Stephen Curry wins thriller on final shot, fends off Mike Conley and Jayson Tatum


The NBA 3-Point Contest always lives up to expectations, and this year’s competition was no different. For the second straight year, the winner was determined by the final shot on the last rack, as Stephen Curry drilled the money shot to win the event for the second time in his career.

The Golden State Warriors star scored 28 points in the final round, after breaking the record for most points scored in a single round when he put up 31 points in the first round of the event. His win makes him part of elite company, becoming just the seventh player in league history to win multiple 3-Point Contests and the only active player to win it twice.

It looked like Mike Conley might possibly take the trophy after putting up 27 points in the final round, but in typical Curry fashion, there was no stopping him as he started to heat up. He flexed his clutch gene on the final rack, which was the difference-maker in him winning. Jayson Tatum finished in third place, after going cold in the final round and finishing with just 17 points. Tatum had the second-highest score in the first round (25), but couldn’t find his touch in the next round. 

For the second consecutive year, the league utilized the “Mountain Dew Zone,” which incorporated two green balls worth three points each and were placed the furthest distance from the hoop. Curry made both of his Mountain Dew shots, which were incredibly important in his journey to overcome Conley’s strong performance in the final round.