All Six Locations Revealed for Hitman 3 in a Spoiler Free List

All Six Locations Revealed for Hitman 3 in a Spoiler Free List

IO Interactive has unveiled all six of the locations Agent 47 will travel to across three continents as he searches for his targets in Hitman 3. To avoid spoilers, none of the location descriptions have any focus on the game’s story.

In just nine days, the journey begins in Dubai. The first mission takes place at the top of the tallest building in the world during its opening ceremony. Agent 47 will have access to the top floors of the building, as well as the roof. It’s up to you whether you choose to admire the skyline or just get on with the job.

Agent 47 then moves on to Thornbridge Manor, a historical and forboding residence found in Dartmoor in the UK. Players have two options here. The first is to get on with their objectives and ignore all distractions. The second is to find out who’s responsible for the murder that occurred before our hitman got there, whodunnit style, as well as taking out his target.

Hitman III Berlin

Berlin is the third location. Club Hölle, located inside an old nuclear power plant building, is the place to be if you want to experience Germany’s rave nightlife. The woods surrounding it also give somewhere to relax, or to plan your next move.

The bright neon lights of China’s Chongqing are the fourth location. As a transportation hub, plenty of people come and go through the megacity. The narrow streets are lined with plentiful cafes, shops and food stands, all of which have the potential to hide secrets.

Hitman III Mendoza

The final two locations are newly revealed today. The first of these takes Agent 47 to the mountainous region of Mendoza in Argentina. The many vineyards are the product of the region’s speciality of winemaking, but don’t let the region’s peaceful demeanour fool you.

Agent 47 returns to his birth country, Romania for the final mission, more specifically the Carpathian Mountains. IO Interactive had very little to say about this region, although the screenshot paints a rather bleak picture with rain lashing through the trees on the side of the mountain.

Hitman III Carpathian Mountains

The journey begins when HITMAN 3 is released on January 20. Pre-ordering the game on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 will net players the Trinity Pack that comes with three extra outfits for Agent 47.

[Source: IO Interactive]