Doggy excursions Istanbul on public transportation


A pet has taken the internet by storm soon after pics circulated on social media showing it commuting on Istanbul’s public transport.

The excitement started when somebody posted a image of the puppy on the tram in Istanbul with the caption expressing, “A security officer preferred to just take the dog out, but it resisted. Then he mentioned, ‘Anybody bothered? For the reason that if not, it will get off at Kabataş station’.”

Later on, various men and women posted photographs of the pet in individual locations, on buses, metrobuses and ferries, along with the dates when he was spotted.

“He’s not getting on board accidentally. The canine is touring the town from the western side to the east,” a social media consumer joked.

“I noticed the pet on a bus in Pendik [a district on the far Asian side]. Make sure you set the pet dog on general public transport back to the metropolis centre or it will get started touring the place,” another wrote.

Some named the dog “Evliya Çelebi,” referring to the 17th-century Ottoman explorer who travelled as a result of the Ottoman Empire and neighboring lands in excess of a interval of 40 decades, recording his commentary in a travelogue named the Seyâhatnâme (E-book of Travel).

A Twitter account has been opened for the puppy, with the username “İstanbul’u Turlayan Köpek” (The Canine Touring Istanbul), with posts on updates on where it was previous noticed.


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