I paid twice for my airline ticket — can I get a single refunded?

Dear Travel TROUBLESHOOTER: Before the pandemic, I booked a Hawaii cruise for my daughter and myself on Norwegian Cruise Line. When I checked in for my outbound flight on United Airways, an airline consultant informed me that NCL experienced not paid out for my ticket.

Christopher Elliott, the Travel Troubleshooter ...
Christopher Elliott, the Journey Troubleshooter 

I obtained a a person-way ticket to make my link. On the ship, I checked with visitor relations, and they certain me that every little thing was right for my return flight. But once more, when I went to board my return flight, they stated my ticket was not paid out.

My daughter bought my return flight ticket utilizing her credit card. I have questioned NCL for evidence of payment to United Airways on 3 individual events. A United Airlines agent claimed I could not get a refund for my new tickets because I experienced applied them.

Can you help me? I’d like a refund of $2,557 from either NCL or United Airlines.

— Ruby Tyson, Richmond Heights, Ohio

Response: NCL should have paid out for your flights. And given that this transpired a number of months in advance of the pandemic commenced, there is no justification for this oversight.

Here’s what ought to have transpired: When you enable guest relations know about your flight troubles, a representative should really have served you. NCL should really have refunded you for the excess flight immediately, but a lot more importantly, ensured that you had a confirmed flight back again property. It did neither.

I reviewed the correspondence between you, the cruise line and your vacation advisor. It painstakingly information the months you invested attempting to take care of this. You went by way of all the channels and still arrived up empty-handed. Part of the reason: Shortly just after your cruise, the pandemic commenced. It decimated not just the cruise industry but also airlines and travel agents. No one was keen to enable you.