Kayak Has Revealed The Cheapest Destinations In The US For Spring 2021

With fingers crossed that travel slowly becomes normal again within the upcoming year, these locations are being eyed as the cheapest for Spring 2021.

Everyone is getting the itch to travel again and while that travel bug is working its magic, Kayak, in collaboration with Travel + Leisure, has been busy determining which destinations will be the cheapest to travel to in the spring of 2021. The word on the street is that travel will slowly start to turn around as more vaccines roll out and, eventually, people will be comfortable again going on vacation. For those in the US, sometimes, a vacation is as simple as loading up the car and driving to their location of choice. Other times, it’s as simple as booking a (super cheap) plane ticket to a state they’ve wanted to visit for some time and can finally afford to do so.

As travel opens up again and spring brings forth more (hopefully) positive light shed on the safety of travel, we’re already dreaming about destinations that are affordable, fun, and make for the perfect spring break vacation.

As always, exercise extreme caution when traveling during a pandemic. Anything in this article is subject to change depending on CDC and statewide recommendations. Wash your hands often, pack hand sanitizer, and make sure to wear a mask everywhere one is required, even post-vaccination, as called on by CDC guidelines. Always check with local and state guidelines prior to booking a trip. 

Palm Springs, California

palm springs california
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California is a dreamy destination for many and there are not one, but two major cities in this state that are predicted to be super affordable in the coming year. While Palm Springs is a bit more laid back than the alternative, it’s perfect for nature lovers who are looking to get away, rent an awesome Airbnb, and soak up all this paradise has to offer. Local hiking includes Joshua Tree National Park, which can be followed up with a spa trip or a day spent enjoying the desert landscape.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas is a hotspot in Texas and while it’s not considered a typical spring break destination, there’s no reason this city can’t be treated like one.

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With so much to explore and plenty of attractions to visit in the local Dallas area, it keeps travelers from having to jump from city to city in search of fun things to do. Unless they want to, in which case, it’s fairly easy to do with an Uber or car rental.

San Diego, California

Many people will also be happy to see that San Diego has made the list. Not only is this a foodie’s paradise but San Diego is also full of stunning shorelines which quickly turn a trip to the beach into something vacation-worthy. In fact, California is home to some of the world’s most Instagrammable beaches, so this is one affordable trip that’s perfect for those needing a bit of sunshine.

Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

For history buffs, Philadelphia is the place to be. The city itself is also pretty hip and modern with plenty of museums, art galleries, and Avant-garde restaurant options to try.

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For those who haven’t been to Philadelphia yet, this could be the chance they’ve been waiting for to do so without spending an arm and a leg paying for transportation to get there.

Boston, Massachusetts

boston, ma
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Calling all city lovers! Boston practically has everything from killer music halls to great shopping, incredible food, and even a local arts and performance scene. This is a walkable city and there’s never any shortage of things to do, including taking a trip down to the seaport and taking in the views from the water. It’s also close enough to plenty of towns just outside the city for those who want to spend their time exploring Massachusetts a bit more.

Honolulu, Hawaii

There are three locations in Hawaii that are predicted to be very affordable in 2021, therefore, those who have had plans to visit can have their pick. Honolulu is the largest of Hawaii’s cities and is also its capital; it’s a great and easy place to start as flying into this city, finding accommodations, and booking activities is a cinch. It’s also home to many must-visit landmarks, making it an enticing destination for many people.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
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For those who are really on a tight budget, Kailua-Kona is the cheapest of the three Hawaii destinations, according to Travel + Leisure. Here, visitors have the chance to see Hawaii in an up-close and intimate way, exploring national parks and making time to hike around an actual volcano.

Lihue, Hawaii

Travelers should be aware that Lihue is requiring a ten-day quarantine for all visitors coming to this island but if you’re okay with that, then it’s well worth it. This gorgeous island is smaller than the rest but will give travelers a true island feel as they explore local life and culture.

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