Sermon on John 1:35-42 – The Highland County Press

Sermon on John 1:35-42 – The Highland County Press
By Fr. Mike Paraniuk
St. Mary Catholic Church
and St. Benignus Catholic Church

A person of my favored videos is “The Sound of Music.” It is been all over for 56 a long time, but I bet a lot of young people have never ever viewed it.

It’s the story about Maria Von Trapp, a nun-in-training (termed postulant) at an Austrian convent prior to Planet War II. She was much too no cost-spirited to stay a cloistered existence behind the partitions. The Mother Outstanding tells Maria to briefly depart the convent to come to a decision if she is suited for the silent lifetime of a nun.

Maria chooses perform as governess to 7 youngsters of a widowed father, Navy Captain Georg Von Trapp. Even though working there, Maria provides the pleasure back to the grieving household.

Each Maria and the captain acquire inner thoughts for each individual other. The small children want them to get married, but Von Trapp has identified a girlfriend named Baroness Elsa Schrader. Maria packs her baggage and returns to the convent to acquire her closing vows.

Mother Abbess realizes that she is working away from her inner thoughts. She tells Maria to confront the captain and explore if they love each individual other. Mom tells her to lookup for and discover the lifetime she was intended to live.

In this article is the place a person of the greatest tracks of all musicals is sung – “Climb Each Mountain.”

Climb every mountain
Search high and very low
Stick to each individual byway
Each and every path you know

Climb each mountain
Ford each and every stream
Abide by each and every rainbow
‘Till you find your aspiration

A dream that will require
All the like you can give
Every day of your existence
For as extensive as you are living

All of daily life is a journey. God created us as religious beings exploring for one thing much better, trying to find our real dwelling. Our bodies basically maintain the spirit inside.

“Do you not know that your physique is a temple of the Holy Spirit inside you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?” (1 Cor. 6:19) God made our spirits to arrive back again to the accurate residence where we ended up conceived – Heaven. Our house is with the Divine.

We are like salmon fish who normally come again to the stream in which they have been “born” mainly because they “know” it is a very good position to spawn, even if it is hundreds of miles away. Salmon use the earth’s magnetic area as a compass to obtain property.

When God created your spirit, He place in it a “memory bank” that functions like a compass directing our journey back to God. Our hearts are restless in this research for fullness. We find out on Earth that no make a difference how much income you have, no make any difference how huge your dwelling is, no make a difference how high-priced the Lincoln, Cadillac or Selection Rover you push, you are never ever absolutely content.

St. Augustine uncovered the futility of daily life with no God. He tried out to locate success in extravagant residing, getting a player with the gals, hanging out at the bars, attending wild events and disregarding God. At this minimal position in his life, he achieved St. Ambrose. Ambrose preached this kind of a impressive sermon on God’s Mercy that Augustine converted to Christianity. Ambrose baptized Augustine and Augustine’s son out of wedlock, Adeodatus.

Augustine then wrote his autobiography “Confessions,” a testimony of God working on his soul. In “Confessions,” Augustine reveals a Divine real truth – “You (God) have built us for your self, and our hearts are restless, until finally they can find rest in you.”

Augustine’s mother, St. Monica, was overjoyed the 17 several years of prayers for her son’s conversion have been heard.

The “memory bank” that potential customers us again property to Our Creator was designed incarnate in Jesus. Two disciples begin to observe Jesus. Jesus sees them and asks, “What are you looking for?” They reply to Jesus, “Where are you keeping?” Jesus claims, “Come and you will see” (John 1:38-39).

I request, “What are you searching for?” If your lookup for success has led you to some lifeless finishes, Jesus invitations you to come and test Him. Wherever does Jesus continue to be? With you. Jesus sees you and enjoys you even just before you see Him. That is His desire that led Him to climb the mountain of Golgotha.

Deliver your sins and failures to Him. Jesus will choose you up, improve you up, and clean you up for the journey. Then invite many others to “come and see” what Jesus has accomplished for you.

BTW, Maria married the Captain. They had three much more children, 10 in all. Catholics just love babies.