Snow swimming, component 3: Shifting my partnership with anxiety

‘Overflow’ by Irene Cole

Is your relationship with panic contentious or pleasant?

By Sandra Dee Owens

During my existence, I have imagined of concern as a little something I really should prevail over, battle and conquer. But when I began snow swimming 4 yrs back, I preferred a fresh new perspective—so dread would not halt me from accomplishing what I needed to do.

Initially, I took time to think about the substantial function panic had performed in my lifetime. I was grateful for the instances it had saved me and disappointed by the situations it experienced held me again.

It was time to change my romantic relationship with fear to one thing a lot more beneficial and less restrictive.

‘Winged’ by Sandra Dee Owens — ink & acrylic

The change

At 29 a long time previous, I had endured a nervous breakdown owing to some tricky instances in my lifetime. Dealing with round-theclock, out-of-command panic and stress and anxiety for two and a half several years, I manufactured a complete recovery (without the need of treatment) by way of that long, intensely agonizing journey.

A journey that taught me a lot about myself, worry, and all the other gremlins.

Now, nearly 30 years later, I was prepared to deliver my silent, interior advisor (a.k.a .my “wild voice”) to the fore.

And allow the gremlins diminish.

‘Motivation’ by Sandra Dee Owens – acrylic & Oil

Mind’s eye

Closing my eyes, I imagined “fear” as a compact, invisible gremlin that — like its cousins, “should,” “later,” “can’t,” and many others. — sat on my shoulder each and every day, filling my head with hazard, be concerned, and unconfidence.

So I re-imagined “fear” with a identify: “Francine” and a experience of a woman—and invited her around for tea.

As I imagined Francine and me sitting down about a little kitchen area table and me reaching for her hand, I sincerely thanked her for doing the job so really hard to help save me from hurt and dying.

“Well carried out,” I claimed gratefully, “but you look to have management concerns and a person placing: High!!! and it’s not ideal to inform me the sky is usually falling—because it is not,” I stated, with variety resolve.

Then, talking to both equally of us, I mentioned that I was thoroughly capable of steering my individual ship, and felt a surge of grownup-ness study course by way of me—as I recognized it was legitimate.

Carefully, I plucked Francine out of her chair and positioning her driving me, modified the rearview mirror—so I could find her when I required her.

Close friends now, we experienced tea.

So my new connection with fear started, freeing my thoughts, overall body, and spirit to search for greater health—doing the issues I preferred to do.

But often it is other people’s fears that can derail your desires.

Although I did not personally encounter worry when I began snow swimming (I was as well fired up by the adventure of it!), I did commit a whole lot of energy attending to other people’s (deep) panic of chilly water swimming.

And I understood concern can cripple us from within—and with no. So I produced a actual physical meditation that enables fear—to move on by. at?v=q8vb5BAMidY

“The Passing”

“The Passing” is a bodily meditation in the mindfulness-yoga-calisthenics sequence I simply call “Snowga.”

Each and every time I hear the sound of the anxiety gremlin (no matter whether internally or coming from some others), I do this speedy and uncomplicated movement. Planting my toes shoulder-width aside, I stand tall and flatten the arches and toe “bridges” to generate a total-foot link to the earth. It’s a foundational Snowga go I simply call “Footbridge” and I use it yearround to avoid ankle accidents for uneven and slippery surfaces.

Closing my eyes, I inhale deeply through my nose and note the odor and temperature of the air all-around me. Then I open up my fingers and press them flat jointly in entrance of my chest (thumbs towards breastbone).

Bending forward somewhat at the waistline, I dip 1 shoulder down and across my human body toward the reverse hip. Exhaling slowly but surely through my mouth, I search at the rear of me and visualize concern passing more than my dipped shoulder like the wind.

Smiling to the sky behind me, I wave goodbye to panic as it passes about and beyond.

Then I straighten up, stand tall, and repeat the methods above on the other side.

I appreciate how “The Passing” combines a standing stretch and mindfulness that returns me to listening to my wild voice without involving, arguing, or harming—anyone.

I am simply just minding my have company.

‘A solo journey with friends’ by Sandra Dee Owens: acrylic & oil

What is your determination trifecta?

It took time and considered to learn what my natural (no “shoulds” permitted) motivators for wellness ended up. This necessary thought of what was fun—for me.

The additional I minded my possess business enterprise, the clearer my commitment trifecta became.

Journey + Outdoor + Motion

A lover of the outside, I recognized that experience was the thing that got me the most thrilled to go outdoors to do the job and engage in.

When I discovered my organic motivators, I stopped thinking of how I “should” keep healthy—and went outside to participate in.

For the next season of snow swimming (Sept. 1 – Might 1), I included a major alter to the activity by managing from my residence to the lake (1.5 miles) in winter season, swimming, then working dwelling.

Since these adjustments from the to start with time created a whole new journey for me, I reveled in making every homespun strategy to do it safely and securely. This ratcheted up the experience piece for me significantly. Just the way I like it!

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