These Are The Cheapest U.S. Travel Destinations For 2021 (With Must-See Attractions)

It’s easy enough to find hotel rooms or rentals in these cities for $100 or less, and here’s what to see while you’re there.

A vacation is something we’ve all been craving, right? And when a vacation is paired with the word ‘affordable,’ suddenly, we’re all in. A vacation is great, in general, but there’s just something about the knowledge of saving money that makes it feel that much better. Whether it’s extra money for activities, food, or souvenirs, it’s still money saved that travelers wouldn’t have had before.

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Contrary to popular belief, there are many destinations right within the U.S. that are super affordable and can fit into most budgets. Just because travel is on hold right now doesn’t mean travelers can’t be planning for their next trip and when it comes to affordable vacations, some places fit the bill (literally) more than others. From big cities to remote getaways, there’s something to fit everyone’s budget for the future – especially if you start planning it right now.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is one of the most affordable cities in the U.S. for a vacation and with so much to see (and eat), it’s easy to say ‘yes’ to a potential vacation here. An average night in Kansas City will run the traveler around $140 or just under, but with some research, travelers can definitely find cheaper places.

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In terms of Airbnb, there are plenty of stays that are well under that price and allow travelers to have a more personal and potentially private space. The food alone (hello, BBQ) is well worth the trip, but swinging by the Historic River Market, checking out the Crossroads Art District, and searching for Kauffman Legacy Park’s Secret Garden should also be on the list.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is a great city to explore and known for many things including Eagle Creek Park’s thousands of acres of woodland, the Indianapolis City Market for awesome food, Riverside Park, and Historic Irvington for history and even more sights.

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A night in this city will run travelers about $100 which s one of the cheapest locations, and just walking around downtown is enough of an adventure for anyone.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is a stunning destination, surrounded by glorious mountain peaks and filled with enough parks to make any nature-lover lose their mind. In the winter, this city is a haven for skiers and snowboarders and it’s a beautiful place to take in the sights and just relax, as well.

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The average night in Salt Lake City can be much more affordable than many realize at $105 or just under for the average hotel room. Things to see are, of course, Salt Lake, but also Temple Square (and its many forms of entertainment), Antelope State Park, and any number of its winter slopes or national parks.

Athens, Georgia

Athens is somewhat of a cousin to Atlanta, which is the destination most people head to – but don’t be fooled, Athens is just as enjoyable and comes with a lower price tag. With the average night running about $100 for a hotel and Airbnb rentals running slightly higher than that, there are plenty of options for accommodations.

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Athens’ history alone is worth a trip but its farmer’s markets, botanical garden, and general college town atmosphere will also make for a pretty spectacular trip.

St. Augustine, Florida

While St. Augustine is a relatively affordable trip, it’s even more affordable for travelers who go with a rental over a hotel room. On average, hotel rooms can run up to $160 per night while apartment rentals go for somewhere around $100.

st. augustine, florida
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There’s so much history in this state that’s free for everyone to explore, and the lighthouse (which is also supposedly haunted!) is a great place to start with the Old Jail and Old City next on the list. St. Augustine Beach is another great destination and for those who appreciate all of nature’s landscapes, Anastasia State Park is a great spot to spend some time.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Don’t get it wrong – New Orleans can be a very pricey destination to visit. The cost of visiting this Louisiana city can be driven up if a traveler opts for a more popular hotel or a hotel in a destination that’s in the center of the city, so this is something to be cautious of. However, for travelers who are open to accommodations such as hostels and rentals, New Orleans can be well within budget, with some hostels going for just over $60 per night.

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The more affordable hotels start at $100 per night and many apartment rentals on Airbnb go for $140 per night. If you’re avoiding Mardi Gras then these prices will only get better, and you’ll also have the chance to explore the French Quarter, try authentic New Orleans food, take in the live music on every block, and scope out the more spooky side of Louisiana without many of the crowds.

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