Tour of Britain 2021 in Gateshead: Full route, road closures, timings and how you can watch it

The Tour of Britian is returning to Gateshead, and here’s everything you need to know…

The Tour of Britian is returning to Gateshead, and here’s everything you need to know to watch it.

The race will see some of the world’s best cyclists hurtle through the borough on September 10 before a thrilling sprint finish in the shadow of the Angel of the North.

As in previous years, thousands of people are expected to turn out along the route to cheer on the riders, who will include renowned sprinter Mark Cavendish.

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The race will enter Gateshead near Greenside after passing through Northumberland.

It’s important to get your timings right if you want to be sure to catch the race, as spectators will need to be in place well before the riders are expected to reach their spot.

There are also specific travel restrictions around the Angel of the North for those who want to see bikes cross the finish line.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Route and timings

The race enters Gateshead at Lintzford, which is on the County Durham/Gateshead border.

Whilst exact timings will vary based on the speed of the riders, organisers estimate that, based on an average speed of 42kmph, the race will hit Lintzford at 3.17pm.

Riders will briefly stray into County Durham before returning to Gateshead, and arriving at the Angel of the North finish line at roughly 3.42pm.

Here are the estimated arrival times for several key points on the Gateshead route:

Lintzford 3.17pm
Rowlands Gill 3.19pm
A694 3.21pm
B6314 Burnopfield Road 3.21pm
Stirling Lane 3.21pm
B6314 Burnopfield Road 3.21pm
County Durham 3.22pm
Burnopfield 3.22pm
B6310 Front Street 3.24pm
A692 Lobley Hill Road 3.25pm
Gateshead 3.25pm
Byermoor 3.26pm
10K to finish 3.28pm
Marley Hill 3.28pm
Sunniside 3.29pm
A692 3.30pm
Pennyfine Road 3.31pm
5k to finish 3.35pm
Haggs Lane 3.37pm
Lamesley Road 3.37pm
Lamesley Road 3.39pm
A167 Newcastle Bank 3.41pm
A167 Durham Road 3.42pm
Angel of the North, Durham Road, Gateshead 3.42pm

For a more detailed list of points on the route, see the full timetable for Stage Six of the race here.

Road Closures

According to Gateshead Council, a full road closure will be in place on the northbound carriageway of the A167 from J66 on the A1 to the end of Cowen Gardens from 4am-9pm (latest) on race day, Friday September 10.

The southbound carriageway will also be closed between 12pm-6pm (latest).

Diversion routes are being agreed with public transport operators.

Diversons for drivers will be signposted.

The council also says arrangements have been made for residents and businesses near the Angel of the North to access their properties whilst the road closure is in place.

The full stage six route map

The rest of the road closures operate on a rolling basis on the route as the peloton passes through.

The approximate timings, given above, show when each part of the route is likely to be closed, but of course this varies depending on how fast the riders move.

The length of closure of the rolling road block depends upon how spread out the riders are. The riders are surrounded by police cars and motorbikes forming a “bubble” around the race and holding traffic.

The motorbike at the front of the closure is usually 15 minutes ahead of the lead rider. The closure then remains in place until all riders and race cars have passed through.

How to watch

You can watch the race from any point along the route, so long as you stick to important rules intended to ensure spectator safety and prevent any obstructions to the race.

These include not impeding the competitors in any way, including entering the road as they approach and pass.

It’s important to be in your chosen spot well before the riders are expected to pass, so read the race timings carefully, and if you’re driving, make sure you take into account road closures when planning your route and parking.

The stage will end with an exciting sprint finish along Durham Road in front of the Angel of the North. If you want to grab a prime spot near the famous sculpture, you must get there on public transport, as there will be no access to cars and no parking available near to the site.

It’s also worth turning up well in advance, as the area is likely to be popular with cycling fans.

Organisers offer these tips to help spectators make the most of the race:

  • Check before you travel! Take note of the route, road closures and ETAs that may be affecting you·
  • Grab a safe spectator spot early and enjoy the build up to the Peloton arriving· If you can’t get to a start or finish location, check out where your nearest Sprints or King of the Mountains climbs points are along the route·
  • Do not obstruct the riders in any way. Keep children and animals back from the roadside·
  • The whole stage is live on TV. ITV4 will be showing flag to-flag live coverage of the entire stage plus a nightly highlights programme at 20:00, bringing you all of the best bits of the day’s action
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest news and action via the website and Twitter @tourofbritain #TourOfBritain
  • We want you and the riders to have an unforgettable Tour experience, so soak up the atmosphere and make some noise!

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