Veteran travel exec launches Satchelle Global Travel Wellness: Travel Weekly

Edyta Satchell has been a busy travel industry executive for years, working for companies including Travel Leaders Group, ARC and the Mark Travel Corp. As such, she spent a lot of time on the road, but she began noticing a pattern: She would frequently get sick with everything from stomach problems to skin issues. She thought to herself, “There must be a better way.”

After all, getting sick on the road affects not only health, but productivity, Satchell said. So, having decided to try and find a solution, she founded Satchelle Global Travel Wellness.

Satchell is a certified health coach focused on travel, nutrition and beauty. She is also certified in oncology esthetics to support cancer survivors. She offers wellness consultation services to both individuals and corporations as well as to travel advisors looking to incorporate wellness into the services they provide.

Edyta Satchell

Edyta Satchell

She believes she is particularly well-suited to work with travel agents because she speaks their language. She worked closely with the agency community during her years in the industry and was, herself, a travel agent in her native Poland years ago.

Satchell has two goals in mind for consulting with travel advisors: She wants to offer them advice they can use to service their clients with wellness in mind, especially in the pandemic, and she wants to help them grow their sales. Most importantly, she said, she believes her services will help advisors build loyalty in clients, so they will be clients for life.

During her time with advisors, she will discuss everything wellness, from before a client is traveling, to their in-destination activities, to their return home. That includes qualifying questions to ask to identify the services a client could benefit from, determining the best seat on an airplane (usually the window, to avoid contact with others), dietary guides when in-destination and more.

Agents can choose one of two programs. For $500, they can embark on a two-month program with Satchell with weekly calls and materials. That includes marketing tools, checklists, social media tips and tricks and selling tips. Satchell has created scripts to use that are nonintrusive to clients, but help advisors identify areas around wellness where they can add value to an itinerary. 

She is also offering a one-on-one program for $3,500, in which an advisor works directly with Satchell for a three-month, customized intensive program.

Satchell also offers her services to larger entities like host agencies, customized based on whatever their needs are. 

In addition, Satchell can organize wellness trips for advisors. For instance, if a group is interested in a yoga retreat, Satchell can organize it — and pay their advisor commission.

Satchell will host a free webinar at 2 p.m. ET on Friday, Feb. 12 to talk all things wellness with agencies. Registration is open through Feb. 10.