No one Understands: Digital tour of Mt Oyama Pilgrimage

No person Appreciates is a venture to acquire a new variety of tourism known as “Tourism of Common Undertaking Arts Reside” by combining folk performances handed down in area locations and performances from qualified common undertaking arts at Japan Heritage (1) web sites across all over the region. It is structured by the Company for Cultural Affairs, government of Japan, Japan Arts Council, Japan Council of Performers Rights & Accomplishing Arts Organizations as a Japan Cultural Expo undertaking (2) due to the fact 2019.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, on line plans the place readers can enjoy the heritage and lifestyle of community areas and regular carrying out arts stay are out there alternatively of tours to the web sites. Love a trip to experience the charms of hidden parts and Japanese traditions.

*1 Japan Heritage: An initiative by the Company for Cultural Affairs which certifies stories that present Japanese lifestyle and traditions as “Japan Heritage” throughout the country. The purpose is to revitalize regions and market tourism by packaging tangible and intangible cultural qualities in just about every location similar to the story. As of June 2020, 104 locations have been certified.

*2 Japan Cultural Expo project: Initiatives carried out throughout Japan to market Japanese cultural arts and spread their varied and common attraction in anticipation of fostering momentum for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and growing the selection of overseas vacationers.


Attributes of the 2020 Nobody Is familiar with on the web system

▶ ︎Virtual vacation by way of the beautiful scenery of regional spots and see the rites and festivals.

▶ ︎Experience sightseeing of some inaccessible “Japan Heritage” web pages in Japan.

▶ ︎Receive a deep comprehension of the tale with enjoyment about “Japan Heritage” by folks performances handed down in each individual place and regular carrying out arts by gurus.

▶ ︎Guides and performers give you a very clear being familiar with of the charms of “Japan Heritage” that may be missed by browsing with no their advice.

No cost movies, the globe of the Japan heritage “Destination for the Religion and Leisure of Edo’s Commoners: the Mt Oyama Pilgrimage with a huge wooden sword”, which are depicted from a few of perspectives, worshipping and performing arts. Enjoy nature, historical past and traditional performing arts that have been passed down as a result of the ages.


◯ Faith (going for walks in the mountains)

Mt Oyama is also known as “the rainy mountain” and has prolonged been a location for praying for rain and huge harvests. In the course of the Edo period of time, it turned a extremely well-liked desired destination for brief trips due to the fact it is nearer to Edo (now Tokyo) than Mt Fuji, and it was explained that 1-fifth of the population of Edo frequented every yr. Ukiyoe exhibits fashionable Edo citizens worship with a wooden sword.


This time, Lucas B.B., an American inventive director and editor-in chief of PAPERSKY Magazine, Mr Gaku Miyake, an alpine photographer, and Mr Isao Shimura, a guide, ascended the mountain while conversing about background and mother nature.

◯ Conventional Accomplishing Arts (invitation to the Edo period of time)

A special general performance of Japanese classical dance, “Nihon-buyo,” and shamisen affiliated with the Mt Oyama pilgrimage at the teahouse Sekison with a splendid check out in the precincts of the Ohyama Afuri Shrine. What did elegant Edo citizens, samurai and elderly women climbing Mt Oyama glimpse like? Taking part in various roles which is special to Japanese classical dance is staged and a flavor of the 4 seasons unfold to the emotional tones of the shamisen, which was liked by the citizens for the duration of the Edo period.


Test out the YouTube video.


Date: Now on air (Make sure you use English subtitles)

Value: No charge

Questionnaire till Jan 31: From all those who viewed the movie and answered the questionnaire, 30 persons will be drawn at random every month to acquire prizes these kinds of as Mt Oyama’s “Charabuki” (nearby foods) and A brochure for Mt Oyama pilgrimage. There is a questionnaire URL on YouTube.

Cast: Lucas B.B (PAPERSKY), Miyake Gaku (Alpine Photographer), Shimura Isao (Manual)

Performers: Hanayagi Genkuro (Japanese Classical Dance), Kineya Katsujuro (Shamisen)

Movie Manufacturing: Hisamatsu Shinichi (Theo Inc), Sugawara Kota (Kota Sugawara Picture Studio)

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